A beautiful FICS client for Mac OS X

Macbeth is a beautiful and minimalistic FICS client for OSX. It supports almost all FICS game types like Suicide, Losers, Wild and Crazyhouse and saves your games automatically. It is open source, you can find the source code here on github.

If you are upgrading, please go to File -> Settings and 'Reset sounds'.



Observing multiple games


Seek a match dialog


Right-click menu

Watching a game of Crazyhouse

What is FICS?

FICS is the acronym for Free Internet Chess Server. Run by volunteers FICS is completely free. FICS can look back on a long and eventfull past. It started its service as early as 1995. Beside chess FICS offers a variety of chess variations like Losers, Suicide, several 'wild' variations, Crazyhouse and Bughouse.
If you don't have an account you can always play with a guest login. But I recommend to register and create an account. FICS will track your rating, you can stay in contact with other players and join tournaments. You can register here.


When I bought my MacBook Air I was disappointed that my favourite FICS client Babaschess would not run on OSX. So I decided to program my own client, learning Haskell on the way.

Macbeth is still a work in progress! A lot of functionality FICS offers is not (yet) implemented, ie. playing Bughouse, chatting with your oponent, but Macbeth will store your games automatically!

Macbeth will create a folder in your home directory: ~/Macbeth. All your games will be automatically stored here. Currently Macbeth writes to a log-file there as well.

If you tried Macbeth and like it, please write me an email! If you don't like it or your favourite feature is missing or you encountered a bug, please write me as well! <>

You can find the code on github.

I am indebted to Eric de Mund. He is so kind to offer chess piece sets in perfect quality under Creative Commons. I rejoiced when I found them! So, the piece sets are the work of Eric De Mund, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.